Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anti-Agunah Nutters

Why is it that all those maniacs who support Jewish men who are withholding gets (divorces) from their wives speak in capital letters nearly half the time? They also seem to use really, really bad grammar and spelling. And they repeat things a lot.

I don't get the whole thrill behind torturing agunahs. Haven't they been through enough? I also don't get anyone who supports someone who withholds a get. What is that all about?

The few people I know who fall into these categories are always one or two sandwiches short of a picnic. They tend to be pathological liars, very insecure, misogynistic and full of themselves.

I don't want to post links to any of their crazy, messed-up websites, because I don't want to give them free publicity. They seem to have a lot of free time and I don't want any of them finding me and sending me vicious hate mail. I got four ugly hate mails this week alone. I have enough to deal with.

But, single Jewish chicks, if you meet a man who has withheld a get for any reason (or is still withholding one), run the other way like you are on fire. These guys are generally crazy/evil/power-hungry like nobody's business. And if you casually know one of these bastards, don't loan them money, don't get involved with them, don't engage. Some of these dudes are major sociopaths.

That said, I will shrink back into my anonymity and hope they stay away from my blog. But you have been warned.


frum single female said...

i agree with you and thanks for posting this. it needs to be said. unfortunately i know of at least three men out there lurking amongst the singles. i run like the wind away from them i might add. but unfortunately they exist. two have FINALLY given their wives gets. the third has not yet.

Anonymous said...

It is unreasonable of you to stereotype all men withholding a get. In some cases the "poor agunah", through deceit, distortion, and shady lawyers, has deprived the father of his home, his children, and his money. As a last resort, he uses the get to try to come to a reasonable agreement.

WebGirl said...

MK, I'm going to have to disagree with you. There is NEVER a good excuse to withhold a get. If the woman is at fault, seek some other means to go on the offense. Because of the halachic structure of Jewish marriage, the wife is completely powerless in getting out of the marriage. When a religious woman stands under a chuppah with her betrothed, she is placing her life in his hands. It is a position of tremendous trust. No one should be tethered to a marriage that they don't want to be in, not for any reason. If the woman is asking for an unreasonable settlement or is an adulteress, or anything along those lines, wield some other punishment at her, but not this. The get should be off the table.

Parenthetically, the crazy people I'm talking about don't fall into the category of men who have been taken advantage of by their ex-wives (just the opposite).

But again, I firmly believe that the get should never be a bargaining chip. If you allow it once, it is a slippery slope towards extortion and control. And actually, this is the current state of gittin.