Monday, May 11, 2009

More Dumb Listserv Posts

I subscribe to the same listserv as WG that the previous post came from. She's not the only one who's noticed that there are some really dumb posts appearing there on too regular a basis. Other friends and I sometimes laugh about some of them. I mean, really? Do you really need to post certain questions to a community mailing list? Do you really want everyone to know how helpless you are?

Here are some examples from one of today's mailings:

Best place to buy linen

Where is the best place to buy linen at reasonable prices???
Thank you.

(Um, why don't you go online and search? You're already on line. Make some phone calls.)


Does any one know of a "shidduch club" besides Hillcrest Shidduch Comittee, sheefa, and Five Towns Shidduch Club?

Does anyone know of a shadchan?

(Dude-- or honey-- if you haven't been able to make it work with three shidduch organizations, plus how ever many other individual shadchanim you have probably already dealt with, maybe finding the right shadchan isn't the problem.)

And then there's this one:

directions for camp iron on labels

lost the directions for the iron on camp labels if anyone has them and is
willing to send them to me i'd be very appreciate. thanks

(Directions for iron on labels? Um, you iron them? ...On?)

More to follow, you can be sure!

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WebGirl said...

My personal favorites are the ones from newlyweds looking for free furniture "in excellent condition only." Seriously.