Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great deal

This freshwater pearl and gold bead necklace is on clearance at Ross-Simon's. If you use code WELCOME, you will get free shipping. It's $19.95, but of course, you will click through Ebates before you buy it, right, and get 7% back, bringing it down to $18.55 with shipping?

This is a gift for a woman, say 25 and older, boys. It's sophisticated, very much in style, and given that these are really pretty pearls and the beads are 14Kt, she will think you spent way more than you did. I got four of them, one for me and three for gifts. My friend bought 12 of them (she's in a business where she is constantly buying things for people). Can't beat it with a stick.

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mk said...

Thanks for this tip, got one for the misses. ;-)