Sunday, May 24, 2009

And I thought my second wedding was a little off the beaten track

This couple (apparently frum!) beat us out by a mile.... More wacky weddings here. Love this wedding cake.


frum single female said...

the couple at dylan's candy shop gets an A for originality. willy wonka eat your heart out!!

Ariella said...

Lol...the couple that got married in the candy store is NOT frum, and her dress is NOT tznius. The link is to Oh Nuts!, a frum candy shop, and they got someone to Photoshop the bodice on the candy-wrapper dress. The dress is actually an adorable dress that was created in the candy design challenge in Season 4 of Project Runway. This is what the ACTUAL pictures look like:


WebGirl said...

Whoever photoshopped it did a good job. See, now here I was thinking that you could be frum and wacky, but I guess not in this instance. Still a pretty crazy kinda wedding.