Sunday, April 5, 2009

To my credit, I did not laugh until after I hung up

A friend of mine from out-of-town, new to Ortho Judaism, called me to ask if diapers needed special Passover certification.


As I embrace the impending onset of the beloved Jewish holiday that seems to bring out the greatest neuroses in all (some) of us, I briefly consider kashering my kitchen with a blowtorch; that is, burning the whole damn thing down. Ha ha ha. Kidding. Really.

Chag kasher v'sameach to all of you.



SuperRaizy said...

You were right to laugh, of course, but I distinctly remember that a few years ago there was some discussion about Kosher for Passover toilet paper.
We may be the Chosen People, but we're also completely nuts.

Nice Jewish Guy said...

Funny, and understandable when coming from a Ba'al Teshuvah, but not nearly as funny when some born-Ortho people insist on kosher for Passover deodorant, shampoo, etc.

On a local synagogue email listserv I subscribe to, a message appeared posted today from someone asking if certain antacid and blood pressure medications were kosher l'pesach. It's medicine, people. Not food. You don't make a bracha on your linisopril. That should be a good benchmark- if you don't make a blessing on it before you ingest it, it shouldn't need to be kosher for passover. And what if it wasn't- what was this person going to do-- go off his blood pressure meds for eight days?

frum single female said...

shhh! we dont want any of the rabbanim to see this post! it might give them ideas!!