Monday, April 6, 2009

Got chumrah?

Well, they've finally called a spade a spade. I was in my local frum Pesach mega-market yesterday, and I found this: Machmirim Milk. This particular milk carries, four, countem, four different types of kosher supervision. Why? Because four is greater than three, two or one, silly. Four hechsherim are better.

Yup. Super-duper, frummified, extra kosher, glatt, mehadrin, cholov Yisroel milk. No mooms on this milk's lungs. I suspect that their cows wear sheitels (without a tefach showing). Their slogan is (are you ready?) “Anachnu Machmirim Bnei Machmirim,” (we are stringent people, the children of stringent people). Yes. In case you were concerned that this milk's kashrus was supervised by, I dunno, ba'al teshuvahs or something, don't panic. Not only are you getting a superior product with Machmirim Milk, but it's kashrus is being supervised by superior Jews.

Stuff like this makes me want to start my own brand, and call it Kula Milk. Our slogan: "If it's good enough for Rav Moshe, it's good enough for me."


MK said...

Meanwhile they have started a price war, and they're about .50 cheaper then the other cholov yisrael brands.
When they raise their prices, I'll go to whichever is cheapest.

BTW, R' Moshe was macher to drink cholov yisrael, so kiss your Haggen Daz good bye. LOL

WebGirl said...

Rav Moshe z"tl, was the one who unequivocably mateered cholov stam.

G6 said...

I posted on this a little while back.
I love your slogan though :P