Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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April 22 only: 15% off and free shopping tote at Walgreen's. Yay for Earth Day! I think it's all a buncha crap, but I'll take the special deals.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can you tell I'm getting a lot of junk email these days?

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Friday, April 17, 2009


So my fiancé and I have been fighting. Are you shocked?

It's actually more like bickering or arguing. And contrary to what would probably be popular wisdom, I am actually taking it to be a good sign. A very, very good sign, that our second marriage will be so vastly superior from our first. Why is this?

Because a) we are not holding things in. We are talking out just about everything. No silent treatment, holding grudges, crying fits. b) we are fighting really well...not insulting each other, bringing up past garbage or getting personal. We're sticking to the issues. We're pointing out and acknowledging if we or the other person says something unfair. We're resolving stuff. Actually resolving stuff. c) Every argument/fight/discussion ends. We're able to actually argue, come to some sort of conclusion and then get on with our lives. And smile at each other afterwards (sometimes, not always).

We're the same people who got married the first time. The same contentious, annoying, verbal, know-it-all couple, with the same pet peeves and the same likes and dislikes. The difference is that no matter how much something bothers either one of us, we are going to be very careful not to try to destroy the other person over it. We are committed to putting our marriage before ourselves. Sorry if that's not pee-cee, but it seems to work. So far so good.

As I continue to say, it's not the problems of marriage that concern me. Those will always be there. It's how we deal with those problems. And so far, we are doing ok.

Every day, I fall a little, teeny-tiny bit more back in love with my Ex. Just a coupla molecules at a time. And then, after a few weeks of these baby steps, I glance over my shoulder and see where I am and how far we've come, and I thank God again and again for my (weird but) happy ending.

Susan Boyle

If you haven't seen this yet, watch it. It is astounding.

I confess, I've watched this YouTube video about six or seven times in a row. And I'm not done yet. What is it about this performance that is so riveting?

Let's face it, 47-year-old Susan Boyle is never going to be Miss America. And a day at the salon is not going to change things too drastically for her. When I first saw her, I did not want to be her. I felt sorry for her. But when she opened her mouth to sing, everything changed.

Let me step back. I'm probably one of the few humans on Planet Earth who doesn't watch American Idol. It's not because I'm too good for the show; it's because I cannot, absolutely cannot bear the shame of the mostly untalented contestants. I'm told by my friends who love the show that mocking the losers who are so un-self-aware, that hating the judges for saying what everyone is thinking, that indulging in the judgment - is all part of the show's appeal. It's not so much that I am above all this that makes me not want to watch the show; it's that there is a nasty, low part of me that would enjoy all this that makes me not want to watch the show. The part of me that would revel in tearing down the poor talentless freaks who are so full of themselves, the part of me that wants the pretty people to do well and the homely people to be sent home, this very low, mean-spirited, judgmental part of me that the show draws out - I don't want to be in touch with that part of me. I don't even want to acknowledge that she exists.

I first clicked on the video of this episode of the British American Idol as a link on a friend's Facebook page. When I first saw Susan Boyle, I thought to myself, who is she kidding? She was so relentlessly perky in her cheap dress and cheaper optimism. This was going to be utterly humiliating. And that low, ugly part of my psyche stirred and waited for her to fail.

But then she opened her mouth and effortlessly let out that voice. That transformative, beautiful, astounding voice.

My initial thought was "what an odd container God has chosen to pour so much talent into." I watched the video two or three more times. I googled Elaine Paige, the singer that Susan Boyle mentioned that she would like to be like. Boyle's version of this song is better, much better. It isn't so much that Boyle was good. It's that she was perfect. Every note, the phrasing, the pitch, the clarity... if ever there was a cosmic, perfect, whole moment for this song, this woman has evoked it. Her voice and her talent are extraordinary.

And so, yes, God has chosen an unusual vessel for this remarkable talent. And that ugly part of me that I don't want to acknowledge has quietly slunk away.

Go Susan Boyle, and take it to the finish line.

UPDATE: here's Susan Boyle singing Cry Me a River in 1999. Unreal.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some miscellaneous offers

Matzoh confection recipe

This recipe is so easy, delicious and fattening, I feel bad for all of you non-gebrokts dudes.

4 sheets of matzoh
oil spray
stick of maragine
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. pareve chocolate chips
1/3 cup slivered almonds

Spray 2 pans (or cookie sheets) with a light layer of cooking spray. Line the bottoms with the matzoh. In a small saucepan, melt the margarine and brown sugar together. It should be really liquidy. This stuff gets really hot, so don't burn yourself.

Drizzle the sugar/margarine goo over the matzoh until it's evenly covered. Sprinkle on the almonds and chocolate chips evenly. Bake in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for 10 minutes and remove promptly. When totally cool, smash into little cookie size pieces. Yummers.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freebies on the Holiday Celebrating Freedom

Happy Passover!

Here are some coupons and free stuff to put you in that "freedom" mood:

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5) Free dog food sample (definitely chametz!)
6) Another free dog food sample.
7) and yet, another free dog food sample.

Monday, April 6, 2009

For the kiddies

Free Huggies diapers: here.

Rite Aid, $5 off $25

Coupon for in-store purchase. Save $5 off $25: here. Good until April 30, 2009. Buy that new Pesach toothbrush now.

Got chumrah?

Well, they've finally called a spade a spade. I was in my local frum Pesach mega-market yesterday, and I found this: Machmirim Milk. This particular milk carries, four, countem, four different types of kosher supervision. Why? Because four is greater than three, two or one, silly. Four hechsherim are better.

Yup. Super-duper, frummified, extra kosher, glatt, mehadrin, cholov Yisroel milk. No mooms on this milk's lungs. I suspect that their cows wear sheitels (without a tefach showing). Their slogan is (are you ready?) “Anachnu Machmirim Bnei Machmirim,” (we are stringent people, the children of stringent people). Yes. In case you were concerned that this milk's kashrus was supervised by, I dunno, ba'al teshuvahs or something, don't panic. Not only are you getting a superior product with Machmirim Milk, but it's kashrus is being supervised by superior Jews.

Stuff like this makes me want to start my own brand, and call it Kula Milk. Our slogan: "If it's good enough for Rav Moshe, it's good enough for me."

Okay, now, time for a childish game.

Name 1) the Pesach food you love the most and 2) the Pesach food you can't stand. I'll start.

1) Matzoh bry with cinnamon 2) any non-gebrukts cake made from a mix. Good Lord, that potato starch aftertaste.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Am I The Only One Who Finds This Amusing?

From the You Just Can't Make This Up Department:

I received a letter and attached rider from my health insurance carrier informing me of a policy coverage change.

It seems that effective immediately, my carrier will no longer be covering any procedure, treatment or supplies relating to erectile dysfunction for registered sex offenders.

Um, first of all, duh. Second, is this really a problem for sex offenders? I mean, do these pervs really go to the doctor and say gee doc, I seem to be having a little trouble raising the ol' flagpole when I'm looking at kiddie porn? ( I guess Kolko's out of luck.) Secondly, did it really take the suits at my carrier this long to realize this? I guess they're looking to cut costs everywhere.

So Maybe I spoke a Little Too Soon

Ironically, my date the other night went pretty well. I'll post some more details on AFS, so if you're on the list, you can read it there.

Life is funny, that's all I can say, and you never know what will happen.

To my credit, I did not laugh until after I hung up

A friend of mine from out-of-town, new to Ortho Judaism, called me to ask if diapers needed special Passover certification.


As I embrace the impending onset of the beloved Jewish holiday that seems to bring out the greatest neuroses in all (some) of us, I briefly consider kashering my kitchen with a blowtorch; that is, burning the whole damn thing down. Ha ha ha. Kidding. Really.

Chag kasher v'sameach to all of you.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gmail's annual April Fool's joke


I'd Rather Be Playing Scrabble

Now that WebGirl has found (her way back to) her Happily Ever After, it looks like it's up to me to post about dating and related matters, and how wonderful (insert eye roll) it all is. After all, what kind of blog would this be if we didn't have a generous amount of angst?

After two months back on the dating "market", I've gotten to the point where I'm tired. In the last two months, I've dated two girls (three dates each, concurrently)-- neither of whom I met on Frumster, or online at all, for that matter. One lived an hour and a half drive from me (she was fantastic-looking, which is why I even considered it). Obviously, neither one 'worked out'.

My two closest single friends are in relationships again. Tonight I have a date with a woman a friend of mine set me up with. She seems nice enough, and we spoke on the phone (and on FaceBook!). But I just can't seem to get excited about it. And lately I've had the recurring thought that not being in a relationship has a definite upside. After work, I can just come home, have dinner, put my feet up, watch TV, hang out with friends, not have to spend time on the phone, not have to go out; not have to 'deal' with another person. It's just me. And even though I'm curious about the person I will be going out with tonight, I just feel sort of blah about it. Go to a place, have drinks, sit across the table, and talk about the same stuff you talk about on dates. I'd rather be home in my sweats watching the Life On Mars finale. And it's a local date! How pitiful is that?

I just can't seem to get excited. I used to enjoy "The Hunt". But the online dating sites are dead-- there are maybe three girls I am half interested in contacting, and I'd have to fork up cash to do it, and I guess I'm not interested enough to do that now.

I remember WG feeling the same way, and I remember me exhorting her to buck up and keep going. I guess the shoe's on the other foot now, eh? Of course, she did go back to her ex. That's not really an option for me, though (wink).

Actually, there was one woman recently that I was excited about.

An attractive pharmaceutical rep named Jennifer* has been visiting a doctor in my office lately, and as soon as I met her, there was a definite chemistry... a tension. She has a dynamic and outgoing personality (as salespeople tend to have), and there was also witty banter and dare I say it, flirting. She is Jewish, but not religious or observant. At all. (In fact, she's rather anti-religion... see below, but that's a longer story). However, I could tell that she was definitely reflecting my attention; she'd linger on her way out, talking in the reception area with me for 30 minutes after she said she had to get going. It got to the point where other office staff would good-naturedly chide me about her. One day I walked her out of the office, and admired her car (a nice BMW) and half-jokingly said she'd have to take me for a ride one day. She offered to let me drive it.

I had decided that this was too interesting not to at least explore, so when she told me I could call her, I did- and we had a long and deep conversation. Unfortunately, it was theosophical, and she said she was religiously "on a completely different solar system" than I was. Lot's of "issues", with religion, and no doubt other things. I got the impression that 'deep' was an inadequate word to describe her- 'an abyss' would be more like it. Very much in her head...been there and done that. Unfortunately, I'm highly attracted to those types. After conversing for a while, it became clear that nothing was going to 'work', at least not as a long-term thing. So we left it with me coyly promising to keep flirting with her when I see her, and her being OK with that. But damn. Why can't I meet a reasonably orthodox girl like that?

In other news, I am completely stressed about my taxes, I could give a rat's behind about Pesach (haven't done a stitch of prep), and I think I'm getting a cold.

Happy Belated Birthday to PS!

Sorry I messed up. But it's your fault. ;)