Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here's a pretty cool program that I just discovered: Swagbucks. It's free to join, and pretty easy (and actually a little fun) to earn points. The points are redeemable for lots of great things including gift cards and airline miles. And the points-to-rewards ratios are actually some of the best I've seen out there (and I do a whole bunch of these type of programs). For example, a mere 45 Swag Points earns you a $5 Amazon gift card. That a 9 to 1 points to dollar ratio...pretty cool.

You get three points for signing up and another two on your first search (they use the Google and engines, so their search is good). If you sign up through this link, I'll earn three Swag Bucks as well (thanks). Another nice thing about this program is that they don't collect a lot of information from you.

Try it.

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