Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hobson's choice

What can I say about the "stimulus package" that hasn't already been said?

President Obama has given the American people a Hobson's choice. Choose the stimulus package or face certain economic devastation, the likes of which has never been seen before. Do you want to be poor? Do you want America to dissolve into a puddle of financial ruin? (So much for the President who told us that we have chosen hope over fear two weeks ago, but I digress. Read Krauthammer's brilliant exposition on that here.)

Of course not! Of course we don't want to be poor! Of course we want to recover! I heart money in the bank!

But President Obama, no one with an average level of sanity thinks that this package is the answer. If you'd like to actually see what is in this 1,560 page package instead of just reading the reporting on it, click here. Included in the spending that is going to stimulate the economy:

$7.5 billion to construct and repair Federal buildings
$8.1 billion to states for water infrastructure projects
$2.8 billion to expand broadband to rural areas
$20 billion to public school renovations and construction

And by the way, while the package includes $182 billion in "tax cuts," $100 billion of that will go to people who don't pay taxes. Yes.

This should not be a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. There are many ways to re-draft this horrorshow of a package that will actually grow the economy. President Obama, we have more choices than this. Stop the propoganda, stop pushing your agenda and start talking to economists who don't worship you.

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