Monday, February 9, 2009

Post Obama Propogandathon, Live-blogging 24

Live blogging tonight's 24:

3:04 The First Dude is having a really bad day.
3:06 President Woman lost some weight?
3:07 Bill Buchanan is looking more like Luke on General Hospital all the time.
3:08 Ah, and now Jack is going to win over President Woman.
3:09 Notice Agent Renee is standing at Jack's side. Like they are a couple.
3:10 At this point the President should step down, yes? Like when they kidnapped the President's daughter in a different season? Wait, was that even 24?
3:11 Oh gross. There's a mutilation every season.
3:12 Is President Woman CRYING?
3:13 "With all due respect, Madame President, ask around." Oh they give Jack the bestest lines.
3:14: Jack and Renee alone in a room? There's gonna be stuff happening.
3:16 Larry really wants to ask Renee: are you sleeping with Jack?
3:20 Who's the stringy-haired blonde?
3:21 I hate that Janine Garofolo is trying to be Chloe.
3:22 Agent Renee realizes with one look that Jack is ten times the man Larry is.
3:23 The writers are totally obsessed with the torture issue.
3:24 Jack is steelier than Clint Eastwood.
3:25 Larry: "the rules are what makes us better." Jack: "not today." Geez Louise.
3:27 The Chief of Staff reminds me of the guy on a game show who announces the prizes.
3:29 Agent Larry has been completely emasculated.
3:30 Agent Renee is so not scary.
3:35 Like negotiating a one-way street the wrong way is an issue for Jack (who is driving the SUV with one hand, btw).
3:36 Agent Renee is getting into her role way too easily.
3:37 Jack vs corrupt Secret Service dude. Owee.
3:45 Agent Renee is SO not okay.
3:46 I miss CTU. Fewer cubicles, better lighting.
3:49 Rosa is going to be a problem. Until she is killed, that is.
3:52 Wondering how often Jack changes his cell number since everyone seems to have it on speed dial.
3:54 Did President Woman just COVER HER FACE WITH HER HANDS?
3:57 First Dude having a really, really bad day.
3:59 No need to shout at Renee, Jack. Your relationship is already fragile.

And that's a wrap.

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