Monday, January 12, 2009


I’ve been watching a lot more tv since I stopped working at the end of 2008. Though I have often suspected this, I finally have come to this conclusion:

TV sucks

I really like three shows: 24, House, and The Mentalist. Otherwise, I can’t seem to find any other reason to turn the idiot box on.

Sometimes I think I’m missing a part of my brain…the part that appreciates the pop-culture stuff that other normal people appreciate. Like soap operas. Reality shows like Survivor. Contests like American Idol. I don’t “get” any of these shows. I can’t watch them for more than three or four minutes.

Then there are shows that seem to be well-written, but have weird, liberal, quasi-political plotlines. Like why is it that Gray’s Anatomy has this whole strange lesbian subplot going on between the only two heavy, unattractive women on the show? And why is it that on Brothers and Sisters, the gay sibling has to mention his “husband” every ten minutes? And don’t even get me started on Boston Legal, where the show’s token Republican is a semi-senile, borderline retarded, doddering, sex-starved loser.

I have friends who don’t watch tv for religious reasons. I actually don’t think there’s anything religiously wrong with watching tv. I think that the quality of tv has just seriously gone down the toilet in the last few years. Nothing’s on.

Thank God for my library card.


Nice Jewish Guy said...

I tend to agree. I have a gazillion TV channels (no premiums, but still quite a lot of "network cable" stations), and I seem to use TV mainly for watching movies, news, reruns of old shows like Seinfeld, Frasier, etc. and the occasional educational program or documentary. I also hear people ask me all the time if I have been watching this or that show, like Dancing with The Stars, or whatever. I just don't have the time, and don't have the patience. I do watch "ER", having been a viewer since the pilot. But I haven't wached "Lost", or any of the other shows. I have occasionally watched some shows online, like "Life On Mars".

Ehh, TV ain't what it used to be.

MK said...

I'm not advocating watching TV, it is mostly junk, but here are some suggestions:
Cold Case
The Unit
If you can still find reruns try The Shield, but you have watch 'em from the beginning.

Some of my favorites that now reside in the big TV in the sky (or somewhere on cable)
Mad About You
I Love Lucy
Hill Street Blues
Fire Fly
and of course - Star Trek