Sunday, January 25, 2009

MyPoints extra $15 FTD gift card if you redeem in January

Have you signed up for MyPoints yet? It is one of the greatest online points programs ever. Ever.

1) I know the rewards are real because I've cashed in points many times and received my gift cards, which don't expire.

2) You don't need to buy a single thing EVER. You get points simply by clicking on links in emails, or less often, filling out occasional short surverys, etc. Everything is optional. You won't be taken through a zillion screens only to be dead-ended. You click, you get 5 points. And the points really pile up quickly. So far, I have redeemed about $800 in gift cards from this site (but, to be fair, I've been a member for a long time too.)

3) If you don't want these emails cluttering up your box, simply create a gmail address specifically for these sorts of things. You should have one by now anyway. Frankly, I get my MyPoints emails sent to my regular email address. I click on them once a day, then immediately delete them.

4) Occasionally, MyPoints actually has worthwhile offers. But again, it's all optional.

5) If you get sick of MyPoints, just quit them. They will disappear from your email box.

If you're already a member of MyPoints and have been accumulating and saving your points, now is a great time to do some redeeming. With every point redemption until January 31, you'll also receive a free $15 FTD gift card (just in time for V-Day, guys!). I have the occasion to send clients flowers six or seven times a year, so I like extras like this. But before I send flowers on FTD or any other site, I always check sites like for discount codes, of course.
1/28/09 UPDATE
I just found out (via googling around) that anyone can get the $15 from FTD. It's not a gift card per se, but a card that has this url on it: Here you can purchase a bouquet and get $15 off your purchase. Doesn't include delivery, taxes. This is sort of disappointing, not to mention misleading. I thought it was an actual gift card.

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