Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lotsa free, legal mp3s

Legal, free mp3's, some of major artists, right here on Amazon. You have to cherrypick through the list to find ones worth downloading, but I found quite a few. You'll need to first download and install their stupid mp3 downloader, but the good news is that the songs show up immediately in Itunes.


Nice Jewish Guy said...

Oh, great. Lots of free tunes I've never heard and have no idea if I'll like, from groups I've never heard of. There's a group called "Starfucker"? Yikes. Thanks, Amazon, youse are da best.

WebGirl said...

Yeah, I saw that group...vulgar name. But there were also Aimee Mann, Mick Jagger, Ani Defranco, Ted Nugent, Loudon Wainwright, Robert Johnson, Nick Lowe, and Robyn Hitchcock mp3s. There are a ton of "brand name" jazz mp3s at the end (i.e. Miles Davis) and some classical (George Balanchine) too. Cherrypick.

Their non-free cds are mostly 79 cents, btw. Not bad.

frum single female said...

thanks for the tip. ill check it out.