Monday, January 26, 2009

Live-blogging tonight's episode of 24

I thought I'd try a little live blogging. Why not.

1:03 God, I hate Janeane Garofalo. Do something with that hair, PLEASE.

1:05 So is Agent Walker alive or not, dammit?

1:06 YAY Chloe! "She's not breathing." Like that's ever stopped anyone on 24.

1:07 SHE'S ALIVE! The Ex owes me ten bucks.

1:08 Tony is totally rethinking his entire life now.

1:09 Tony is gonna kill David Emerson. "Take the shot Tony!" "Shut up Jack!"

1:09:30 Tony takes the shot. Emerson's dead. And that's one.

1:10 Wondering how and when Jack communicated to Chloe and Buchanan that they needed to exhume Agent Walker, if Emerson has been watching him like a hawk. Telepathy?

1:12 And of course Mutobo trusts Jack implicitly regardless of the fact that he just kidnapped and nearly asphyxiated him.

1:18 President Woman has the fake Iraq war debate with her impossibly liberal advisor. Zzzzz.

1:19 Emerson not so dead?

1:20 Am I nuts or do Mutobo and Mrs. Mutobo have completely different African accents?

1:22 Ok, Emerson's dead. First he had to tell Tony to go to hell.

1:23 And Dubaku has a third kinda accent, no?

1:24 Uh oh.

1:25 What would Obama do?

1:29 Whoever holds the CIP is Boss of The Infrastructure, and thus, The World.

1:31 Joe Stevens is cute, really cute. But no one loves a quitter.

1:32 Oh good lord. President Woman is giving another damn speech. Stealing a few Obamaisms.

1:38 Agent Walker is pissed. And a little in love.

1:39 "Stay at home Mom." Snicker. I love Chloe.

1:42 First Dude is paralyzed but can blink? And show facial expressions? And move his head?

1:43 That's two (not counting the people on the planes). Maybe. Samantha's taking a while to die.

1:44 No, that's decisively two.

1:50 I really like Chloe better as a dirty-blonde.

1:51 Jack with an automatic MK-something. Oh yeah. That's four I think.

1:52 That is a nice loft. What did Samantha do for a living again? Law clerk?

1:54 First Dude is going to whale on him.

1:55 Five.

1:56 First Dude is a mess.

1:57 Love the electronic map with all the meaningless numbers running behind it.

1:58 "Begin." Like (lehavdil) Picard's "Make it so." Damn ominous.

Another excellent, excellent 24 ep. And here's another, much more detailed 24 live-blog over at Magic Lamp.

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