Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting My Hope and Change Freak On

Oh Good Lord, my head is going to explode. Yes, I watched the coronation today, from Aretha to that Godawful poet (what were they thinking???). Let me be clear: I fully support and honor Barack Obama as my president. I hope he succeeds in lifting us out of this bad economy and I hope he keeps us safe from The Bad Guys, who are really, really bad. I hope he implements none of the policies he promised during the campaign. I hope God shines His countenance on him and his family. I really do, no sarcasm there. But

Lordy Lordy Lordy. This guy is behaving like such a rock star, I cannot take it anymore.

Yes, I get the significance of having a black president and I celebrate the fact that America has finally shed her ugly legacy of slavery and racism once and for all. But can we move on please? When it comes to my "racial vision," I have weaned myself to a point to where I'm mostly colorblind. Seriously. I see a person, it registers that they are white or black and then I'm done and I go back to seeing them as just people. Isn't that really what we are going for here, that skin color becomes meaningless, because basically, it is meaningless. I want to see how Obama governs before I get tears in my eyes over his inauguration. I want to see Obama the person, the president, the guy who's gonna do something, before my heart swells because he has taken the oath of office. I celebrate the election of a black president, but then I don't care anymore. Can we stop this meaningless love affair please? Pretty please? Before I vomit? I'd like to love my president for an actual substantive reason. If my retirement funds recover their 20% losses by the end of next year, I will send President Obama a freakin Valentine, but until then, he's not even going to get to first base with me. I won't love him because he's a black president. I mean, for Pete's sake, isn't that just another form of racism?

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MK said...

Well said. The hippies are having a field day because this is their "raison d'ĂȘtre". Get used to it.

BTW, you're only down 20%?! I wish I was so lucky!