Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spread the burden

You have no idea how much this makes me angry. I think the politicians in New York have basically lost their minds.

Solving the fiscal crisis gripping New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority will require every regional employer to pay a new payroll tax and new tolls on motorists on the East River and Harlem crossings, a new commission's report said on Thursday.

Subway and bus riders will also have to pay higher fares, according to Richard Ravitch, a former chairman of the agency, who led the commission that produced the report.

"This is an effort to spread the burden among the largest group we possibly can," Ravitch said at a news conference.
Ok, so let's see. The subway and bus system is broken again. Again. So instead of maybe doing a huge audit and seeing why the MTA is always near bankruptcy, the geniuses running New York are throwing more money at it. Sure thing, that has always worked before!

Maybe the MTA should take a real close look at this instead.

And where is this money coming from? You got it pancho. From me. And you. They are going to raise payroll taxes. Install new tolls on the very few NY bridges that were free (forget about the fact that if you are driving your car over a bridge crossing, you are probably not even a regular subway or bus user), and increase fares on trains and buses.

And why are we being punished? Well, simple. It's the reverse of the "spreading the wealth" theory that our president-elect has espoused. We want to "spread the burden." That's right. Spread the wealth among people who don't earn it and spread the burden among people who do. Thank you Democrat politicians who seemingly care nothing for the middle class. I will particularly enjoy the extra taxes and new tolls and higher fares in the current financial crisis. Looks like I'm getting my Chanukah present early this year.


ES said...

This seems to occur every couple of years, whereby the MTA cries out in desperation over their dire financial situation. Some how there isn't enough money for the budget projected. And despite fare increases, and service reductions, it hasn't changed at all.

I agree that an independent auditor needs to examine what is happening at the MTA. Unfortunately, the MTA has some leverage in that, unless you live near your job, we are dependent on their services. Some neighborhoods have private bus services, however they are limited in their geographic service ranges. So we have to use MTA buses and trains. And with the proposed installments of tolls on East Side bridges, the era of a free ride into Manhattan, are numbered.

The whole situation is sad, and unfortunately comical in its ridiculousness that it has yet met a concrete solution. Instead, the public become the go-to answer to band-aid a fiscal wound that need has never fully healed.

abandoning eden said...

Last I checked the mayor of NYC, who is presumably the dude in charge of things like the MTA, is a republican.

WebGirl said...

Nope, he's currently an Independent. He left the Republican party in 2007. He's been a Dem his entire life, and only switched to being a Republican in 2001, so he could run for Mayor one on the heels of Guiliani's success. He's a Republican like I'm a Democrat. He's pro gun control, same-sex marriage, is a champion of abortion rights, global warming and wants amnesty for all illegal aliens. On the other hand, he claims he is a fiscal conservative. He balanced the city budget but raised property taxes through the roof in the process (try buying property in NYC). He banned all smoking and all trans-fats in NY restaurants (which I find utterly wacko and borderline fascist).

BTW, Elliot Sander is the CEO of the MTA and responsible for their budget. And yes, he is a Democrat.

WebGirl said...

BTW, AE, welcome back. It says something about your character that you still read a blog with which you disagree (at least politically) so vehemently. ;)