Monday, December 22, 2008


Go ahead. Take a look at some of the "questionable" ballots in the Coleman-Franken recount. I just cannot believe sane people are putting up with this crap.

The only thing that's questionable is treating this fraudulent lunacy like it was a just cause. And you know what? Coleman is going to lose the election because good men didn't have the guts to stand up to evil.


DYS said...

"evil"? Isn't that a little strong?

It's politics - this is the game they all play. I agree, this one looks like it's for Coleman, but are all of them like this? What about the ones Coleman's challenging? Are they as unambiguous as this one?

Anonymous said...

its not politics but wrong and stealing an election when a person breaches the public trust by using their position to manipulate an election results

WebGirl said...

Coleman is just reacting to Franken's stupid challenges with his own stupid challenges. What bothers me is that Coleman is playing by Franken's rules. He should have just gotten his legal team to halt this nonsense after the first recount. "Finding" ballots a week after the election? Ballots that just happened to be for Franken? Divining what voters would have filled in on questionable ballots by the fact that they voted for Obama? This is corrupt and yes, evil. It is evil to cheat and evil to lie and evil to do whatever it takes to win an election. If this is what Franken is doing to win the election, can you imagine how he's going to legislate? I'm sickened by this. And Coleman is just taking it. Do you think if the shoe were on the other foot, there wouldn't be a hue and cry against this bull?