Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nasty Atheists

Don't read the title of this post wrong. Not all atheists are nasty. As a matter of fact, most atheists are not nasty.

But these are.

An atheist group called "Freedom From Religion" have put up a sign in the Washington State Capital that reads as follows:

At this season of
may reason prevail.

The are no gods,
no devils, no angels,
no heaven or hell,
There is only our natural world.

The sign is posted next a nativity scene and a menorah.

Now if you want be an atheist, well, God bless you. Be an atheist. In this country, you can believe or not believe in whatever you'd like. You want to celebrate Christmas? Kwanza? Passover? Ramadan? Vesak? Winter Solstice? Halloween? Enjoy. Revel in your beliefs or non-beliefs. Embrace your way.

But don't crap all over everyone else's beliefs. If you are an atheist and want to celebrate reason, fine, but don't go putting down religions that do believe in God. I mean, what if a bunch of Christians put up a sign saying all who didn't embrace Jesus as their lord and savior were damned to Hell for all eternity? What if a group of Moslems put up a sign saying there is no God other than Allah and all non-believers and infidels should die? What if some Jews put up a sign that said Christianity was stupid and derivative and made up? Would that be nice? Seriously? Why be nasty? Why put down people who don't believe as you do? Especially in this nice, pleasant season when people wish each other well and give each other presents? Why be so mean?

There is nothing about a menorah or a nativity scene that puts down anyone else. You want to celebrate the miracle of the oil? Yay for menorahs! You want commemorate the birth of Jesus? Yippee for nativities! Neither of these displays puts down those who don't believe in God. They are positive religious symbols. You can take em or leave em.

Why couldn't the atheists put up a sign that said something like We Love Reason or Go Winter Solstice or We Don't Believe in a Creator and We Still Love Humankind? Why not a positive message? Why do they have to be so damned nasty?


Hemant said...

What in the Freedom From Religion Foundation statement was offensive to you?

What did they say that was "crapping over everyone else's beliefs"?

That's not putting anyone down. All they did was say what they believed in. You're welcome to disagree with it. It's not like they put up a sign that said "F*@k Jesus."

And you said "what if a bunch of Christians put up a sign saying all who didn't embrace Jesus as their lord and savior were damned to Hell for all eternity?"

They do. All. The. Time.

I guarantee that the people who put those manger scenes on public property believe that I (as an atheist) am going to Hell for eternity.

And you're calling the atheists "offensive" for saying they don't buy into that?

WebGirl said...


You TOTALLY missed and made my point. My point was IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE, putting up a sign saying "there are no gods, no angels, no heaven or hell" is being very very negative (and nasty) about other people's religion, while manger scenes and menorahs ARE NOT. It was not necessary to put up a sign that basically negated other people's religions. This was not about what you believe or don't believe. This was about what you displayed. It was about positive symbols that make people smile versus a nasty sign that puts people down.

I'm not calling atheists offensive. I'm calling what these particular atheists did nasty. And it was.