Monday, December 22, 2008


Since my car accident earlier this year, my annual auto insurance premiums went up quite a bit. Just on a whim, I emailed my agent and told her that my premiums were too high and that I was getting bids from other agents and asked if could she do any better.

Fifteen minutes later I got an email from her saying she'd lower my annual premium by $500.

$500! Based on an email request!

Webgirl, what did we learn today?

  1. We learned that it never hurts to ask if a vendor can do a little better for you. The worst you can hear back is "no."

  2. We learned that I need to stay more on top of my expenses.

  3. We learned that I need to be more proactive and stop relying on everyone else to do right by me.

  4. We learned that I was probably getting shafted by my insurance company to begin with.

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