Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I got nothing.

Yeah. Last night was bad.

Ok, one thing...I hope everyone will be willing to take responsibility for their vote over the next four years. If you voted for Obama, be prepared for what ensues, good and bad. If you drank the KoolAid, be prepared to digest the KoolAid.


Nachum said...

I'm already planning on wearing a button reading, "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him!"

I just fear that it *will* get that bad, that quickly, that I'll even be able to get away with it in New York.

Lubab No More said...

I'll make you a deal.

I'll agree to take responsibility if things go bad with Obama so long as you give him a chance to make things good and give him credit if/when he does improve this nation.


WebGirl said...


anon1 said...

I would add one more thing for the deal. Will all the people who voted for Bush take responsibility for the mess he made and that we are in now to start?

WebGirl said...

Absolutely. Which mess would that be? Victory in Iraq? Low taxes?

I blame many (not all) of the problems in the economy on our lovely Democratic congress, who decided to be charitable and give mortgages to people who were utterly unqualified for them. Enforced charity has no place in government or law.

I certaninly hold Congress responsible for the energy crisis.

I'm not giving Bush a free pass. He certainly has spent our government's money like a drunken sailor. But I refuse to demonize him the way Democrats, and many Republicans have (including, to my disgust, much of Republican leadership). President Bush has been blamed for everything from the Wall St. plunge to the heartbreak of psoriasis. Sorry, folks, this is not PC to say, but I believe President Bush has done a good job and I'm sure as hell glad I voted for him, twice. The idea of having a President Gore/Kerry seeing us through 9/11, Iraq and this economic crisis sends a chill down my spine (not the good kind). I stand by my vote.

I also voted for Clinton twice, btw, and stand by my vote there as well.

anon1 said...

Victory in Iraq? If having the tide turn slightly in your favor after almost a decade, after costing thousands and thousands of lives and billions and billions of dollars, for a war that never needed to be fought -- no WMD, no connection to 9/11 -- and stretched America's military thin, and sacrificed our goodwill, diplomatic abilities and moral highground throughout the world (torture is not ok) -- with the result that we are limited in our ability to respond to Iran, then you're right, W gets credit for winning the war. (I know that was a terrible run-on sentence, but there is a lot to say in one breath about this).

We can also credit Bush from turning surpluses as far as the eye can see to the largest deficits in the history of the country. Well before the credit crisis. He did that all by himself. All in all, a great job.

By the way, I supported Dole in 1996 but in retrospect, I would rather have voted for Clinton.

Now that I disagreed with you on the politics, I should add one other thing -- I've been a reader of yours for quite some time. I think your writing is excellent, your stories are compelling and your insights are generally, well, insighful. Overall, this is a great blog. The only area where I see things differently is politics. And I used to lean more republican but Bush ended that. I know you'll disagree with everything I wrote and probably not a worthwhile conversation but at least I can take the opportunity to compliment you on the blog.

Hatzlacha with the date. Have a great time!

WebGirl said...


Can we just agree not to agree on Iraq then? I'm so exhausted. I'm all politcsed out and frankly a little nauseous over the election.

Thanks for the kudos on the blog. And seriously, I like it when people disagree with me, as long as they are intelligent and well-meaning (and 99% of my commenters are). People who put up blogs like to get feedback...all kinds. It's stimulating and keeps things interesting.