Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vote Early. Vote Once.

So this Tuesday evening, we'll know. Hopefully. After all, remember what happened in 2000. Don't want that again.

It's going to be a very, very close election, which still amazes me. All the mainstream media outlets keep crooning that it's over and Obama has won, but since many of them have basically served as Obama campaign workers over the course of the year, I wouldn't worry about what they say. They are saying that because 1) people who are on the fence like to vote for winners if they can, and 2) to discourage McCain supporters and workers and take the wind out of their sails and 3) to keep people who might vote for McCain at home, since they will be lead to believe that it doesn't matter anyway.

I am on everyone's mailing list. I get mail from and John Kerry and the Democratic party, and believe me, they do not really believe this campaign is over. Far from it.

The voter fraud is really freaking me out. There is the ACORN fraud, which is frankly astonishing. Then of course there are the places where there are more registered voters than adults of voting age, in Alabama, Indianapolis, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania. Gee, do you think something nasty is going on there? But if McCain wins, I'm sure there will be cries of disenfranchisement, and how Republicans suppressed the African-American vote, blah blah blah, and stole the election, etc.

I'm going to be out of town on Election Day, which is one of the reasons I voted via absentee ballot. I'm trying to muddle through all the election noise and figure out how this election has changed me. I have surely become more partisan, much more Republican and conservative, or at least, I feel more vocal and clear about my beliefs. I started the year as a Democrat, and when I had to fill out my voter registration in New York, I did hesitate before I checked the Republican box. After all, I've been a lifelong Democrat. It was a little bit of a paradigm shift for me to declare myself that way. Now there is no hesitation. I am so repulsed at some of the actions of the Democrat party, particularly of their politicians and pundits, that I have been driven over to only side that makes any sense to me.

I posted a little Road Taken election poll on the upper right side of my blog. It is very sharply in favor of McCain. It tells me something about my readership. To the 29 people who are voting for Obama and are still reading my blog, thank you for staying with me and for reading a blog with which you don't agree. I do that too, and I think it's really good for your character. I try to be fair. I know I'm certainly not balanced, but I do try to be fair. And for the 53 people who are voting for McCain, thanks as well.

Vote Early. Vote Once. (Vote for McCain.)


frum single female said...

everyone seemed to think that kerry would win last election and lo and behold bush won.
i really hope what happend in 2000 doesnt happen again , but hey, once something like that happens its bound to happen again.

Isophorone said...

Welcome to the dark side! I grew up in a family full of Democrats, and my late paternal grandfather was a 1930s era card-carrying communist. When I first registered to vote, it was 1979, and Jimmy Carter was performing his wonders on America and the world. Needless to say, I voted for Reagan the next year.

If you want to read some interesting stories of the left-to-right political transformation, check out David Horowitz or Ron Radosh.

P.S. On an unrelated topic, please say a prayer for my maternal grandfather, who died last week in Jerusalem.