Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hosting Travelers and Traveling

I've been traveling quite a bit lately and still have some more of it coming up. Here are some ideas that I've picked up:

1) When inviting someone for a Shabbos or Yom Tov meal (or, any meal), never ask if (s)he "needs a meal." No one needs a meal. I can cook. Thank God, I can afford to pay for food. Asking if someone needs a meal highlights the fact that they are alone and needs company for a meal. Would you ask a married couple if they needed a meal? Ask if that person would like to join you for a meal instead.

2) In your guest room, keep a bottle of (The World's Greatest Invention for Travelers,) Downy Wrinkle Releaser. It's inconvenient to keep a bottle in my suitcase because it tends to leak and make a mess, so I always end up buying a bottle when I arrive somewhere and then tossing out most of it when I leave. One of my hosts keeps a bottle in the guest closet....I thought that was very smart.

3) Other nice things to have in the guest room: full length mirror, blowdryer (which can be bought for $10 nowadays), nail polish remover, tampons/pads, bedika cloths (that was something I remember from my single days), disposable razors, pen and paper, a few bottles of spring water, a few small plastic garbage bags (for gathering dirty clothes, etc.). When I was married, I used to collect all of those little bottles of shampoo and soap and lotion from hotel rooms or from free samples sites and put them in a basket in my guest bathroom.

4) If you have an old laptop or desktop that you don't use anymore because it is too slow, create a guest profile on it and put it in your guestroom so that your laptopless guests can check their email. I have an old IBM Thinkpad that is probably too slow to even donate, and my guests are so happy to be able to get their email and tool around on the web.

5) When I come back from my trips and unpack, I usually put a few dryer sheets in my empty suitcases before I put them in the basement. That keeps them from getting all musty and yucky smelling.

Safe travels, happy hosting.

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SuperRaizy said...

Those are all good ideas. I really appreciate it when hosts are thoughtful enough to include these little touches.
May I add:
Always air out the guest room before your guests arrive.
Make sure there is an alarm clock in the room.
Always put out clean towels and an extra blanket, if you can.
Keep your dog or cat out of the guest room. So many people are allergic or don't tolerate pets well.