Monday, November 3, 2008

The Gestalt of Shopping

God bless Macy's. No matter how fat or ugly I feel, I always seem to find something to buy at Macy's that makes me feel a little bit less fat and a little bit less ugly. Not sure if it's the huge selection, the decent (not cheap, but definitely decent) prices, or the fact that they don't count how many items you bring into the dressing room (which is always clean and nice-smelling), but the whole shopping gestalt at Macy's is just pleasant.

I'm not exactly a fashionista, but I do follow style, and I do care about what I wear. I will spend more money on clothes and accessories for an occasion, but not ridiculous amounts. I actually got my wedding gown, doubtlessly the fanciest dress I've ever worn, from a gemach. I hate it when I'm wearing something that everyone else in shul is wearing. But I also don't like to be too different. I certainly go for conservative over daring. Because I sew a little, I'm always trying to think of ways to make bought clothes a little better, by adding a little trim here, changing out the buttons (which can absolutely transform a suit, by the way, for very little money), adding or subtracting length, or swapping out a ruffle. I love accessories, and I spend far too much money on bags, shoes, belts, hair adornments and jewelry.

I get most of my basics (shells, sweats, tshirts, denim, pencil skirts, simple sweaters) online. Between online coupons, programs like Ebates, and the ability to compare many different sites, I do extremely well online. I buy my basics very, very cheaply. But for stuff like coats, jackets, suits, dresses, Shabbos and date clothes, I head to department stores. I've bought nearly all my coats at Lord & Taylors. I wear coats for multiple years, so I generally go for classic styles and spend more money on them. Most everything else comes from Macy's. It's just a great store. Tonight I got two cashmere twin sets (forest green and pumpkin) for, after all my discounts, $65 each. I got an outfit for a wedding for $80. I got a cream colored silk shell for $25! Macy's is one of the few stores where it pays to have their credit card. You always seem to get 15% or 20% off when you use it, and on days when they don't run those specials, I have tons of coupons that they send along with my bill.

Then there is the sheer feminine joy that is the ground-floor of Macy's. I love trying on new makeup, perfume, hair-clips and jewelry. I love ogling the overpriced Italian handbags, the pashminas, and the elbow length leather gloves. It is Accessories Heaven. If I buy anything on the ground-floor, it is generally an impulse buy, as I can get all that stuff more cheaply online if I do a little research. But every now and then, I indulge.

God bless Macy's, capitalism and shopping. I do occasionally revel in shopping. I am, if nothing else, a girlygirl.

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Isophorone said...

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