Friday, September 5, 2008

WebGirl Radio

According to the stats software I use for this blog, about half of my blog readership resides in or around New York. So if you're here in the area or if you're not but you enjoy listening to Internet radio, here are my two current favorite radio stations, both of which have sprung up in the past year:

101.9RXP plays good rock music, a nice mixture of old and new, perfect for an old decrepit woman like me. I actually seem to like a lot of their new music. I am entering that phase of life where "the oldies" stations play eighties music, which, frighteningly, is the stuff I listened to in high school and college. Sometimes I hear new music in the car, especially the poppy stuff, and I get the classic "old person's thought:" what kinda crap are the youngins listening to today. I will readily admit that I could not pick out a Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake song in a lineup. But this station plays new stuff from bands I enjoy and makes me feel a little less ancient.

AM 970, The Apple is a mega-conservative station. Liberal progressives will hate this station. They play my three favorite talk show hosts: Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt. I used to listen to these guys all the time when I lived Out-of-Town, and then upon moving to New York, I would podcast Prager and Hewitt. Medved, who is actually my favorite among the three, makes you pay for his podcasts, which I find very irritating. Now, when I'm not mainlining my music, I've got these dudes on.

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Lubab No More said...

> Medved, who is actually my favorite among the three, makes you pay for his podcasts

Typical money-hungry JEW. ;)