Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Putting your personal money where your political mouth is.

How much charity have our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates given? Actually, quite a lot. I'm impressed.

Even though Obama looks comparatively bad here, I'm going to cut him some slack and try to be fair. McCain is married to a very wealthy woman, and even though according to the terms of their pre-nup they keep their finances separate and also file separate tax returns, Senator McCain can obviously afford to give a larger portion of his salary to charity because of his wife's wealth.

And Joe Biden? See below. Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving (to the Republicans). What an embarrassment. Care about the poor much Joe? Ah, that's okay, we'll just tax the working class and let the government take care of them.

I'll update this when the Sarah Palin charity info becomes public.


Isophorone said...

Remember also that both Obama and Palin have young children. Of course, Obama can get another earmark passed to benefit his wife! LOL

WebGirl said...

Well, if you want to go that route (taking the kids' ages into consideration), McCain has seven children to Palin's five and Obama's two and Biden's three. And McCain's adopted daughter has had to have multiple medical treatments and surgeries to correct birth defects. Etc.