Friday, September 5, 2008

Political Fashion

There are four beautiful women in the spotlight this political season: Michelle Obama (44), Jill Biden (57), Cindy McCain (54), and Sarah Palin (44). Because the American people love to glamorize their politicians and their spouses, those among us (myself included) who have a more shallow and materialistic side to them/us are frankly fascinated by, yup, what they are wearing. Ah, all my straight male blog readers just clicked somewhere else, yes? I don't care. This one's for the chicks.

I think Palin is going to bring back glasses and piled up hair. She is one of those rare public women who wears glasses all the time and can look great in them. The piled up hair thing is also a surprise...what an old fashioned hairstyle, and it looks fantastic on her. It's nice to see all four women avoiding that stick-straight long hair look that's the current dream style. It just doesn't seem to work on middle-aged women. I do like the longer hair trend though...definitely makes women look a little younger.

While Palin, Biden and McCain gravitate towards cute suits with knee length skirts and peter-pan lapels, Obama tends to favor those elegant sheath dresses. Pearls and pins are de rigeur for all four of them...very demure. I've also seen all of them wearing very conservative light pink or white manicures. Biden and McCain are bottle blondes and look incredible in pastels like the blue suit Cindy wore to introduce her husband at the RNC. I wish I could wear that color. All four women are quite, quite thin, with Palin being the most athletic looking. Interesting and not surprising. More proof that regardless of what Mommy tells you, thin is in.

It must be amazing to be a candidate or candidate's spouse. Suddenly you have a stylist and people pay close attention to everything you wear and how you wear it. You really do become sort of a rock star. I wonder how Palin will talk her stylist into letting her keep the glasses.

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