Thursday, September 4, 2008

Out of the Park

Sarah Palin hit a home run tonight. So much has been said already, I'm just going to put in my $.02 enough to make a dime:

1) For all you liberal progressives who are claiming to be shocked at her 17 year-old unmarried daughter's pregnancy, please give me a freakin break. This offends you. Pre-marital teenage sex offends you. Oh, ok.

2) For all you liberal progressive feminists who are concerned with Palin's ability to serve as Vice President and simultaneously raise her children, uh, please see above. This one really blows my mind. Seriously. No one said boo when John Edwards decided to run for President (an infinitely more demanding position than Veep) when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But Palin gets crap for "abandoning" her special-needs child. Pass the barf bag, please.

3) I love the fact that she wore a skirt on stage. I love it. This is a woman who has absolutely nothing to prove. She was a point guard in high school, is a sportsman, fisherman and hunter, hikes and runs...she is an athlete and tomboy extraordinaire. But she is also a former Miss Alaska, and is beautiful and poised without being glamorous and overdone. Pantsuits are not necessary for Sarah...she is totally comfortable with her femininity and understands that women can be strong and powerful and still be women. I love that. She is a true feminist. What a role model.

4) I don't think anyone will be putting "community organizer" on their resume too soon in the near future. She sliced and diced that one.

5) I cannot wait to hear her debate with Joe Biden. Not that debating Joe Biden is difficult; I mean, frankly, even I could debate Joe Biden on foreign policy. This is the man who proposed partitioning Iraq. But a debate will seal the argument once and for all. A McCain vs. Obama debate is a done deal and wouldn't be as enjoyable; after all, there are no teleprompters in a debate, so that won't be much of a show. But a Palin vs Biden debate could be a great launching pad; given that Biden is so seasoned and Palin is so unknown, a debate could be a real showcase for her.

Palin is the new Rock Star of the Presidential race. But unlike Obama, she is a Rock Star with substance, with things that she actually accomplished on her resume. She is a person who lives by her principles. Honestly, I can't imagine voting for a Presidential candidate based on his choice for Veep, and I can't imagine voting for someone because she is a woman (or a black, or a Jew or a _______). Vote for someone because (s)he is the right person for the job. Period. But I believe that John McCain was the right choice to begin with; choosing Palin has given his campaign the much-needed fire and electricity it needed to energize the American people. I was always going to vote for McCain, but now I'm excited to be doing it. Yeah.


avulpineheart said...

completely agree with your summation. i was likely always going to vote for mccain - now i'm just thrilled to be a part of something bigger. something with palin.

AJ said...

I'm very impressed by Palin. That being said, I don't understand why she accepted the offer of the vice-presidency knowing it would drag her pregnant daughter through the mud. I would think many mothers would have chosen to keep their child out of the spotlight.