Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hackers Publish Palin's Email

I have always, ALWAYS believed that when it comes to politics, All is Fair. If you don't want your past exposed, your life examined under a microscope by people who don't like you and aren't going to be fair to you, well, don't run for office. As Dennis Miller once told a candidate, "if you're in the race, wear a cup." It's brutal, and it's one of the costs of the fame and celebrity of public service. Frankly, I don't really know why anyone would run for President.

This said, I can't stand it when candidates whine. When they are reproached on their record, when their sometimes stupid words are quoted back at them, when they are raked over the coals because of something they did, said, voted on, or supported, well, it's too bad. If you want the power of representing the people, you better be able to defend yourself, your past and your record.

But what was done to Sarah Palin this week was WAY outside of the borders of All is Fair. Hacking a candidate's personal email and publishing the contents is heinous. There is simply no justification for that. It's like rummaging through their underwear drawer on national television or putting a webcam in their bathroom. Public service also entitles you to a private life. Shame on those hackers. Disgusting.

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