Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bugs. Ich.

1. My usually immaculate kitchen is swarming with fruit flies. You know, those tiny little gnat things. Help.

2. My unfinished basement has got enormous crickets. Those things can jump about four feet and are freaking me out. Help.

I really need help. If you've got any experience exorcising these creatures without much fuss, please write to me at Any good advice is welcome. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

getting rid of fruitfiles is actually not too hard - I used this method once, and after a few days, all was good in my kitchen again.

Take an empty jar or bottle (tall, if at all possible, and definitely with a narrow opening). Pour some apple cider vinegar into the container, but don't make it too full. Next, create some sort of funnel with a small hole - you can take some rectangle shaped paper and roll it into a funnel shape. Secure the funnle to the container, making sure that all sides of the funnel are in contact with the container (I taped mine down). Place the container near where the flies seem to be congregating and wait a few days.

The result is kind of gross (many fruitflies belly up in the jar), but it gets the job done. You may have to do this process a few times for it to eliminate the fruit flies completely.

It works because the fruit flies are attracted to the sweetness of the vinegar, and even if they don't drown, they aren't really able to get out of the container once they fly in.

To get rid of the crickets, try Googling "getting rid of crickets." A Google search led me to the fruit fly solution.

SuperRaizy said...

Get thee to an exterminator- as fast as possible.

Nice Jewish Guy said...
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Nice Jewish Guy said...

I have those crickets as well- they're really gross and freakish looking, though they won't hurt you. I have had great results with using Catchmaster glue boards/ You can lay them down flat or fold them into a little cricket-motel type box for more inhabited areas. The crickets (and other crawly things) are attracted to the peanut-butter scented glue, and then they get stuck in it and die. Try them.