Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventures in Facebook

Wow. Facebook rocks.

A guy I went out very causually with sixteen years ago Friended me. Sixteen! I remember this guy well, even though we went out only three or four times, because it was one of the few times in my dating career that I acted really badly.

I don't remember at all where I met Ethan. Must have been some party, maybe? He was definitely a lot less religiously observant, if at all, and I probably should have never agreed to go out with him. For our first date, he took me to Fantasia, which had just coming out in some remastered digital form, and he held my hand captive in his sweaty one throughout the entire movie. I remember being yucked out by that. And then, the next day at work, he sent me a dozen roses, which I gave to my secretary. There was no reason to send me roses. We had one stupid date. Overkill. The ones that followed were pity dates, until I finally dumped him, rather nastily, I'm ashamed to say. It was Halloween, and he showed up at my door without calling, fresh from some party, dressed in some smoking jacket costume-outfit. I have never celebrated Halloween in my entire life, and was frankly a little grossed out that he did. It was so utterly nerdy and unJewish. Not only did I not let him into my apartment, but I told him to leave and not call me again. He did, repeatedly throughout the next two weeks, and I screened through my answering machine, never picked up and never called back. Not very nice.

I think we were in touch once or twice since then through email. But it was so weird to see his name on Facebook! He is married and based on his Facebook groups, he has devolved into an utter and complete leftist, greenie, granola-head, enviro-socialist. He is four years younger than I am, and his wife is ten years younger than I am, and very pretty and cheery-looking. He has 489 Facebook Friends, so he is one of those people.

So, should I accept his Friend invitation? It's a little surreal.

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