Friday, August 8, 2008

Save Money on Gas

Get 5% off all gas purchases when you use a AAA Visa. I read through the terms & conditions, and there don't seem to be any restrictions on the 5% as long as you pay your bills on time. For those of you too lazy to do the math, that 20 cents a gallon off on $4/gallon gas. For me, it's about $3 per tank. I'll take that.

Of course the best way to save money on gas is to contact Nancy Pelosi and politely let her staff know that you'd like her to at least allow drilling to have the advantage of a vote. I say "her staff" and not her because she, like the rest of Congress, is on a five week vacation. She flew to her vacation spot on a military jet, by the way. Wonder how much fuel that burned? Eh, who cares, after all she's not paying for it; we are.

Here's her explaining her logical reasoning on not allowing a vote on offshore drilling in order to focus on saving the planet, even though this vote is something that both Dems and Repubs would like to see happen. If anyone can follow her, please feel free to explain. The fact that this woman is 2nd in line for the Presidential succession scares the bejeezus out of me. She's sort of like a Stepford wife, but less articulate.

And parenthetically, is George S. not the cutest man on tv? Oh baby.


Nice Jewish Guy said...

Well, the clip is heavily edited, which was probably done deliberately to help make her seem even more incoherent. Doesn't need much help though.

She's beholden to an interest. Follow the money.

WebGirl said...

You know what, that's fair. The clip is heavily edited. I couldn't find an unedited version. However, even if you ignore her inarticulate response, her actions are reprehensible. There were many Congressman who wanted to bring drilling to a vote and she turned out the lights, mikes and cameras on them. She pulled the electricity and took a vacation. Gee, that's nice Nancy. Too bad many of your constituents can't afford to drive anywhere or pay exorbitant airline fees. Sorry you couldn't be bothered to try to find a solution or entertain a vote on one, even if you don't agree with it.

But thanks for saving the planet.

WebGirl said...

Here is an unedited version of more of her response. She is still a selfish, blithering idiot who talks around the issue instead of addressing it.

YM said...

The AAA card gives back 5% of gas purchases made, but only when the card is stuck directly into the pump, not if a gas station attendant swipes it. Also, the refund is limited to 2% of total purchases, so if the only time you use this card is for buying gas, you will only get 2% back.