Friday, August 22, 2008

$10 sign up bonus for Ebates

If you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, they are now doubling their signup get $10 just for signing up, until September 12th. Membership is free, and it's an incredible just buy things online that you would normally buy but you click through their page first, and they give you a percentage back on all that you buy. And that's it. No tricks.

Every three months they send you a check. I just got my August check. What's nice about this is that you don't have to do anything you wouldn't normally do, like buy stuff you don't need. You don't have to accumulate points and you don't get gift cards...just cold hard cash. And it's a reputable company.

Plus they have excellent deals. 25% off McAfee VirusScan, and then you get 12% back. So a $40 subscription ends up costing you $26.40. 4% back on, and (This includes buying gift cards.) 10% back on VistaPrint and Snapfish.

If you sign up through this link, we will each get $10 back, whereas if you sign up on the site, you'll only get $5 back. (Thanks.)

I got all my friends hooked on Ebates. Once they got their first check for basically doing nothing, they were pretty happy.


SuperRaizy said...

Thank you for letting us know about this. I just signed up through your link, so I hope that you get your $10.

WebGirl said...

Thanks. We both will get $10 as soon as you have made your first purchase through Ebates. Enjoy the check.