Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Searching for...me

So for the helluvit, I decided to google "Webgirl" and see what turned up.

Lots and lots of porn. Yikes. I picked quite a name for myself. Webcams, nasty clicks. Pervs galore. Yeesh. Don't click here. Superyuch.

Also a few other legitimate blogs, which I did click on, sorta dull. A bunch of freelance web design companies, though frankly, I think Webgirl Design is a dumb name for a web design company.

Some bizarro lesbian stuff.

More porn.

I was around page 9 of my googlesearch and about to throw in the towel, when I found this site: http://prettywebgirl.com/. It's a Russian Bride Agency. I can't believe these things really exist!

Hello. I am Katerina. I am dreaming of meeting you my second half who’ll make me happy for all my life. I’m honest, communicative, generous, and pretty girl. I love life and enjoy every moment. I want to make strong and happy family. You must be intelligent, cheerful and kind man.
Actual quote from the home page. Oh lordy lord. Ok, so that filled my 40 second attention span. Back to the search.

On page 11 of the googlesearch, I found this definition in the self-described Urban Dictionary:

webgirl: Usually an amateur model, pornographic or otherwise, whose image appears on more than one website that would display such content.
Whoa! That's not good. I guess I'm not ordering a WEBGIRL vanity license plate too soon. Back to the search, but getting ready to give up. I was getting tired of slogging through the pornlinks. My God, how much porn is there on the Internet? (NJG is laughing his head off right now.)

I gave up on page 22. Porn, dumbblogs, bad webdesign, porn, porn, porn. Another search dead-ended. I'm getting used to it.


Nice Jewish Guy said...

Oh, Webgirl...(BWAAAAAAhahahahahaha....)

Don't you know that the Internet is for porn?


Nice Jewish Guy said...

Here's a better one: