Sunday, June 29, 2008

On line

This is sort of a new experience for me...posting from my Iphone. I'm on line (not online) in Central Park with some friends, waiting to get tickets to the season's last production of Hamlet. For you non-New Yorkers, the way Shakespeare in the Park works is, you get on line for tickets at around 8 in the morning. They start giving out (free) tickets at around 1pm. So basically, you hang out in the park for 5 or so hours. It's pretty much the only sure way to get the tickets.

We got a late start and got here at around 10am, so we are nervous about whether or not we will get the tickets. The line is about a quarter mile long at this point, but there are roughly forty people behind us, so we are hopeful.

We are sitting on blankets, eating cold turkey sandwiches on crusty rolls with pickles and potato chips and overripe drippy nectarines and Diet Coke. We brought Ipods, Ipod speakers, library books, puzzle mags, sunscreen and umbrellas. It's been warm and breezy, but we had a ten-minute rain shower about an hour ago. Everyone is having a pretty good time of it.

The couple on the blanket next to us is in engaging in major pda (public display of affection). My friends are all frum, and although not all of us are truly shomrei negiah at this stage of the game, everyone behaves with decorum in public, so we are all pretty grossed out by this. The couple next to us has been entertaining us all morning by doing pretty much everything except actually having sex. It is starting to get annoying. And they are not kids...they look like they are in their forties! I held back one of my more vocal friends from shrieking "get a room!" at them. "Look," I said, "it's New York. Look around you. It's pretty much a freak show. It's part of the charm of the city. This is nothing. Let it go." He did. We are all trying not to stare at them, but they have been going at it pretty consistently. Finally, one of the older women from the senior citizens line who was power-walking past us said very audibly "that's disgraceful!" and that seemed to make them aware that they were in public. So they cooled off a little. The guy downgraded to rubbing the woman's legs, from the top of her thighs to her ankles, over and over again, for the last hour. The woman has her feet propped up in his, ahem, lap. I hate pda. Hold hands and wait until you're alone, geez.

So far it has been the near-perfect summer day. We are all at ease with each other, the turkey sandwiches are delicious (why does picnic food taste so damn good?) and the park is so beautiful. The crowd is friendly and bohemian and the is atmosphere is festive. We've got some great old eighties music playing on the speakers. I feel my skin frying, even though I practically bathed in SPF 5000 that morning (I am the whitest white woman eyes, light hair, a poster child for skin cancer, Gee"eff). I have no makeup on, and my hair is tied back with a bandanna. It feels like my freshman year Spring Fling. I am really, really looking forward to seeing Hamlet. I was an English major in college, and Hamlet is easily one of my favorite plays. So much of the writing has become a seamless part of our vernacular. To thine own self, be true...neither a borrower nor a lender be or not to be...frailty thy name is woman...the play is the thing....alas dear Yorick, I knew him well, etc. I live for this stuff. I love this stuff. When I spend the day doing this, I can be myself, not the old fat ugly childless divorcee, but me, the way I was , the way I used to be before life happened. I love this day. I wish I could take it home in a bubble.

I'm going to post this later, after I get home. Too hard to edit on an Iphone and I see dozens of typos. Damn Iphone keyboard is made for Lilliputians.

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