Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to Buy Your Mom $371 Earrings for $247

I saw these very cute earrings on, one of my favorite place to waste spend money. But $350 is a little steep for me these days. They also wanted $20.95 for standard delivery, which would have brought the damage to $370.95. Yikes.

So I googled around and found a 20% off (-$70) and free shipping (-$20.95) discount code, WISHLIST. This code is good until the end of the year ladies; work it.

But before I bought anything on the Ross-Simons site, I first clicked on over to Ebates and then went to the Ross-Simons site through the Ebates link, because Ebates sends me a cash rebate of 7% ($19.60) for my Ross-Simons purchases. By the way, if you haven't signed for Ebates yet, you're not too bright or you don't like money. They have major retailers on their list, and if you spend any money online at all, why wouldn't you want to get some money back on your purchases? Really? Money, not points, cash, moola, kessef. I pulled in over $200 this year on gifts, books, even some business things, all tax free and all in cash.

Anyway, I did buy the earrings, and I paid for them with my Citi Cashreturns card, which at the time I applied for it, gives you 5% back (-$14) on all your purchases for the first three months.

So my Mom's $370.95 earrings ended up costing me $246.40. Savings of 34% or $124.55, which will allow me to fill up my tank, oh twice.


A said...

I recently bought something, having first clicked ebates to reach the seller's site, only to find out later on that my purchase wasn't credited to ebates. In response to my inquiry I was told that the non-ebates coupon/promotional discount I used for that purchase overrode the eligibility to earn ebates cash back. The discount was far greater than the cash back I'd have received but I thought I should have been able to get my discount and my cash back.

WebGirl said...

That definitely seems unfair. I did exactly that and my Ebates cash back has already shown up in my Ebates account. Try going to the merchant site first, placing the item and the discount code in the cart first, then going to the Ebates site and clicking through. In other words, when you click through the Ebates site, your item and discount code should already be there. Maybe that won't flag the Ebates people that you're using an external coupon. Hard to believe they go through each purchase manually.

susan said...

Hi. I found Ross Simons on with coupons and 8.5% cashback. Check it out. They offer much higher cashback!

Savana said...

I too found the same earrings at Ross-Simons. Those are marvelous..