Monday, June 2, 2008

Health Insurance

Ok, this is sort of an unusual post.

I need help, from you my dear blog readership (both of you). I am shortly going to be in a situation where I will need to purchase my own health insurance. I am on group insurance currently, and because my employment structure is about to shift, it is coming to an end very soon. I know all about COBRA, and for complicated reasons that have nothing to do with anything, I'm not eligible.

Does anyone know anything about health insurance for consultants, self-employed individuals, single proprietorships, in the state of NY? I am willing to pay up to $700/month for a decent POS plan, but I am not willing to pay over $1,000, which seems to be the published going rate for individual plans. I vaguely remember many years ago, Bnai Brith used to offer group insurance and so did Nat'l Council of Young Israel. Does anyone know of any similar organizations that offer group plans to members? I'm in good health bee-aitch, if that makes a difference.

I know about the plans for individuals who make less than $25,000/year and I'm not eligible.

Help. I'm in a real bind here. If you know anything that you think would be helpful, please write to me @ Thanks much.


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Anonymous said...

When you decide on a plan, let us know which one - it's good info to have if I'm ever in a similar situation.