Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great design: Sinatra stamp

So, two more things about me: 1) what I do for a living has something to do with design and 2) I collect stamps.

Collecting stamps is something I inherited from my father, literally. He collected stamps since he got out of a labor camp in World War II. When I was younger, I used to collect stamps and give them to him, so I sort of made his collection our collection. When he was niftar, I inherited his stamp albums. It's not something I do actively now, but every now and then I will drag out the collection and flip through the stamps. They are probably not worth much monetarily but I am very nostalgic about certain stamps, like the ones my father saved from pre-state Israel/Palestine, and some others. Every now and then I'll buy a new stamp that looks interesting, but I'm not that consumed with it.

When the new Frank Sinatra stamp came out a few months ago, I checked it out. I don't particularly like or get Sinatra, but The Ex was a huge fan, so I guess I still have some residual interest in it. When I saw the stamp, I bought a sheet, not so much because I care about Sinatra, but because the design was outstanding. Because I work in a design-related industry (sort of), I like to think I have somewhat of an eye for good design elements. This stamp is a winner.

  1. They chose a great, picture of Sinatra, young, with a slouchy hat, big wide smile, and sparkly blue eyes.
  2. The background is superb. The blue brings out his eyes, his hat, and it pops. The halo is subtle and works.
  3. The layout is great. Country and amount in tiny silver letters tucked away in a corner, slanty but legible signature across the bottom, says it all.
Clean, crisp, sharp design. Excellent. Click on the image to get the full, enlarged impact.

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frum single female said...

i love sinatra.he has eternal coolness. and of course i love the stamp. when he passed away my grandmother was sad because she really dug him and he was of her generation.