Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gotta drill

Gotta drill.

Ladies and gentleman, that is the answer to the gas crisis. We gotta drill. Every time an American politician even says we can't drill, the international oil market snickers and kicks up the price of a barrel (the oil market is a futures market). We gotta drill.

I'm not talking about drilling in the Grand Canyon. I'm not talking about ruining national parks or pretty pretty places in our beautiful country. I'm a national park freak. I have one of those silly "passport" thingies and frankly, it's probably 2/3 full. I love the United States. I don't want to ruin it by turning it into an oil refinery, contrary to how the environmentalists feel.

But there are places that are remote, I mean really remote, and are oil rich, like the outer-continental shelf. And we are not drilling there because there is a federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling. And that is just plain insane. Oil went up to $140/barrel yesterday. It's time to get the drills out. We have unbelievably rich natural resources, and they are untapped. What are we waiting for? $10/gallon gas?

Drill, my friends. Time to drill.


abandoning eden said...

I think at this point even if we do drill gas prices won't be going down too much...with places like china increasingly using gas, the price is just going to continue to go up. The only thing that will bring prices down will be an alternative source of renewable energy (and not corn ethanol, which is screwing with the global food prices).

Then again, I see no reason not to be drilling. Unless, I guess, we want to save some of that gas for future generations instead of using it all up now.

Nice Jewish Guy said...

Looks like someone finally heard you:

WebGirl said...

It makes no sense not to drill. I just don't understand any of the objections. Drilling 150 miles off the shore of Florida? Why not? What's out there?

I'm also totally in favor of drilling in the Alaskan tundra. I mean, it's the Alaskan tundra. Tundra!

AE, the oil market is basically a supply and demand futures market. Geez, we don't even have to actually drill...all we have to do is just say we will drill and the price of oil will drop that the market! If the world oil suppliers foresee a new resource about to open up, they will drop the price. If they see that the US will consistently have to turn to the Middle East, to Venezuela, to outside sources to accommodate our energy jones, they will keep raising prices. The demand is ever-increasing; it's time to do something about supply.