Sunday, June 22, 2008

Feeling Good About Obama

I was catching up on blogs tonight, and I came across this on Frum Satire:

I too think it's very cool that a black man has been nominated by a major party in the United States. It finally allows us to shed our legacy of slavery and bigotry. If a black man can become the Democratic Party's nominee for President, that says that there is nothing, nothing a black person in this country couldn't do if he sets his mind to it.

But it's not enough. It's great to feel good about a candidate. But what does your mind tell you?

  1. Name a single great thing that Barack Obama has done as a Senator. Actually, he is a presidential candidate, so let's raise the bar.... name three great things that he has done.
  2. He wants to unite the country. Name a single time he has reached across the political aisle. It's easy to say you will unite the country behind your ideas. What has he done to unite the parties as a Senator?
  3. Ask yourself this: before Obama started campaigning for President, what did you know about him?

Let's set aside all the weaknesses and gaffes that Obama has made recently. Look, he's really good looking, he's black, he got a model-pretty wife, he's a great speaker, he's got youth and passion going for him and the media LOVES him. They eat him up. It feels great to have this guy running. But I've got to say, he hasn't got a single qualification speaking for him. I question his judgment and I seriously doubt his ability to govern and lead The Free World. You can say that politics bores you, that you don't give a damn about who wins the presidency, but you should. It's going to strongly, strongly impact your life and future.

Make a decision with your head. Obama for GQ, Obama for public speaker but Obama for President scares the hell out of me. Run McCain through the same three litmus tests above and see how he fares.

It's not enough to feel good.


A said...

I may be a dyed in the wool left wing liberal but I have to say that I am extremely unhappy with Obama as the Democratic candidate. Earlier today I watched a small clip of Al Gore endorsing Obama and was struck by the difference between the two men...and Obama did not compare favorably. I realized that what I am most disturbed about is that while Obama has tons of charisma there doesn't appear to be any substance behind it. More and more I'm coming to the conclusion that I probably won't be voting come November. I don't think either candidate is fit to be president.

WebGirl said...


Then vote for the lesser of two evils. But vote, because voting is a right that people have died for. Just because you're not excited about either candidate (neither am I) doesn't mean you can throw away your right to vote.


A said...

I feel as strongly as you do about voting, I think that's why I'm so upset with our choices. I really don't know who I consider the lesser of two evils.