Friday, June 20, 2008

And now, for the stupidest, most gratuitous "Shabbos product" ever

Thanks to Paul S. for this one:

Ok, look. I actually bought a Shabbos lamp. It's a halachically clever item, using a swiveling cover to douse the light on Shabbos. I like halachically clever things, mostly because I like clever things in general. The challah knife with the salt shaker built into the handle. The "pisher" kiddush device that spouts kiddush wine into little cups like a fountain. The challah board that rises up and becomes a challah basket, to hold the bread once it is sliced. The pen with birkat hamazon rolled up inside the barrel that pulls out like a tiny little megillah. But this is stupid. What, pray tell, is the chap here? Pre cut toilet paper? Ooo, how clever.

Equally annoying is this.


Nice Jewish Guy said...


I guess the "chap" is that the inverted box of precut paper hangs from the roller, giving the user the same 'feel' of what they would be doing on a weekday; perhaps this would make them more inclined to use it? I dunno. Of course, one would have to remember to hang it there before shabbos, otherwise you might as well have that whole "awkward reaching" thing. Personally, I believe that the whole not-tearing-paper thing is a chumra, since as long as you don't tear on the perforations or measure exactly, you're not oveir makeh b'patish. But I do admit, while it might be quite unnecessary, it is clever and innovative.

Ditto the sweater. It actually looks like a handsome sweater too. Again, kind of unnecessary (how hard is it to pull off a sleeve?), but clever.

I guarantee they'll sell briskly.

A said...

I guess this means that some people are going to be willing to spend $1.25 for the equivalent of a single small roll of toilet paper. Can't wait for the next ridiculous thing to hit the frum market.

Mikeinmidwood said...

They should come out with a portable eiruv "Now you never have to go with out being able to carry the little children or you can now fold youre talis on hot summer days instead of walking home with it from shul with our new portable eiruv" it would be just another stupid nvention and that tefillin sweater is just stupid I can easily roll up my own regular sweater.