Friday, May 23, 2008

The Temple of other religion

I continue to marvel at and revel in the wonder of Social Networking. Amazing.

I am part of Generation X. Admittedly and sadly, the older end. I've lived through the end of the Cold War, the demise of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. I typed my term papers in college. Typed. On a typewriter. Capeesh? I clearly remember the day that, in one of my very first entry level jobs at a tiny ad agency in Manhattan, my boss walked in with a fax machine. Fax machine? My jaw hit the floor. You mean to tell me that I can be holding a piece of paper in my hand, and in minutes, someone else can be holding that same piece of paper? My mouth watered. I worshiped at the throne of technology.

I caught on to computers and the Internet very, very quickly. I was surfing the web in the early nineties and if I worshiped the fax machine, I simply sacrificed myself on the altar of the web. It freaked me out. Those of you who did not grow up with this stuff might remember feeling the wonder of it, and those of you in your twenties are thinking I'm really, really old. By 1993, I was putting together websites, albeit, pretty primitive looking ones. I remember the inception of the very first corporate supersites....when Coke finally put up a website and then Kelloggs. I remember when the only Jewish site on the web was and the Jewish Communication Network. I remember when songs came in .wav files and when RealAudio came on the scene with streaming technology. Oh yeah, baby, the Stone Age. But I was hooked. My computer-less friends would joke that if you wanted to speak to me, you needed to get one of those stupid email addresses, as I was too busy online to pick up the phone. Silly me. I vividly recall the day in 1993 that the owner of the ad agency I worked for told me that no one had made any money on the Internet and until someone would, he was staying off of it...fads pass. Yeah, he said that.

Flash forward fifteen years. The Internet does everything but rub my shoulders and make me breakfast. I am simply in awe and in love. I work in a technology-related profession and I'm good at it. Technology continues to blow me mind.

Web 2.0 sites are freaking me out. Facebook seems to be expanding and taking over my life. This morning I bought something on, and after I paid for it online (with a gift card that I got for cashing in online credit cards points...the online consumerism wheel goes round and round...), I got a little popup window that offered to post the fact of my purchase on my Facebook page! So now online stores are becoming part of the Facebook universe. How far is it going to go? Of course, I continue to be discovered by old college buddies and ex-boyfriends on Facebook, and continue to be poked and have sheep thrown at me by complete strangers with Indian sounding names. I kick my friends' butts at Scrabulous and like seeing new pictures of my friends' kids (well, I pretend to, anyway). Then there's LinkedIn. My cousin, with whom I have not been in touch since my wedding, found me on LinkedIn, got my New York address, sent me an invitation to his son's wedding, and hooked me up with his best friend who is paying me for some freelance work. LinkedIn seems to be a fertile breeding ground for career opportunities. I recently joined Hi5, only because a friend invited me on and I figured, why not? I love this stuff. I am also watching some colleagues invent professions and careers out of social networking sites and I find what they do fascinating. What comes next?


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The Chief said...

Technology makes our lives more complicated. Regardless, we love it!

SuperRaizy said...

I share your enthusiasm. I'm old enough to have typed my college papers on a word processor and I too am blown away by what a computer can do for you now.