Monday, April 14, 2008

More of the same

Again with this crap. Click it, read it. Tear your hair out.

Will some ginormous Gadol Hador Rav type please stand up and tell Klal Yisroel to stop spouting this borderline misogynistic moral outrage against women modeling sheitels? Please?

Attention all frum guys out there: if you are seriously disturbed by the image of an attractive woman's face wearing a wig, please seek psychiatric help. Don't call it a defense of tznius. Don't call it frumkeit. By doing so you are offending actual tzniusdik frum women, and belittling our efforts to keep this important mitzvah. I've had enough of backwards-world.

Are we clear on this?

Thank you.



Jewish Sceptic said...

hmm, maybe the issue isn't with the sheitle per se, but the slender, smiling, attracive looking women under them.

WebGirl said...

Ok, are the slender, smiling attractive women under them wearing bikinis?

I don't even know if the ad he was referring to showed women from the neck down. The store incident objected to pictures of women's faces.

C'mon people, let's get lives here. Let's stop nursing our neuroses and calling it Yiddishkeit. It's offensive.

frum single female said...

id like to see a store banned because the owner is a big yenta or better yet because he's lacking in the area of v'ahavta l'rayachah kamochah. until then, these bans are just plain silly.the bais hamikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinam , not because of pretty faces of women wearing sheitels.

Jay said...

This is a fringe element of Orthodoxy. What does this have to do with normal people!

WebGirl said...

Jay, read the comments on the letter. Fringe or not, it's got to be put down. And frankly, it is working its way into the mainstream charedi world. It is very troubling that charedi dinner journals and newspapers like the Yated are not printing pictures of women's faces because they view that as an act of tznius.