Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Debate

I am looking forward to the Obama/Hillary debate tonight. Very curious to see who implodes first.

My prediction:

1) Hillary will have an onscreen temper tantrum.
2) Obama will put his foot in his mouth and say something that will render him unelectable.

Gosh, I wish McCain were included in all this fun. After all, he's practically a Democrat.

Gonna make the popcorn.


frum single female said...

i think that the most fun part of this election is the fact that hilary and obama have to go to every state to get people to vote for them. states that never thought they had much say have become important.unfortunately at this rate we wont know who will be on the ballot until election day!!!

The Candy Man said...

I think Colbert last night was considerably more inspiring than the debate.

Also, Obama's response speech has a funny gesture about 2 and a half minutes in.