Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Business as usual

And how was your Pesach? Catch-up time:

So, I survived, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, mostly because of my finely honed repression and denial skills. Only one killer fight with my sister-in-law on Seder night1, and then it was all good. I didn't even eat too much.

I've been working like a machine, trying not to think too much about what is next. Mostly because not much is next. I have made my Shavuot plans to go out of town to visit friends and teach a class on Tikkun Leyl at their shul. I am appalled at 1) the price of gas, 2) the unbelievable lack of shame of Reverend Wright, and 3) the fact that the Feds cut the rate yet again. I am tired of the crap that my Evil Boss repeatedly hands me. I am annoyed at myself for sleeping too little and exercising too little. I am amazed at the vile dreck that is on prime time tv every night and I've decided to just stop watching until 24 comes back on the air. That resolution should be good for about a week.

In other words, business as usual.

I'm going to post my much postponed rant about John McCain pretty soon, when I have the energy to talk about the candidate I'm going to vote for but also the candidate I am so unexcited about. I had an interesting conversation with an old friend who has decided she is now an atheist, and I'll probably post about that a little later too. So watch this space, boys and girls.

I need an energy bar or something. Man, I am getting old.

That's all that's exciting on the home front. How did you say your Pesach was?

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