Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Seven things that are sort of bothering upsetting me:

1. The Fed dropped AGAIN, this time to 2.25%. My money is no longer making money.

2. It cost me nearly $50 to fill up my car.

3. The governor of NY who replaced the shame-on-you-for-consorting-with-prostitutes governor of NY came clean on HIS adultery, as well as his wife's adultery. Does anyone like sleeping with just their spouse anymore?

4. My boss' new favorite activity is demoralizing me until I feel like a bug.

5. I have insomnia again.

6. Someone just suggested a 59 year old guy who can barely read Hebrew to me as a shidduch and was indignant when I said no, because he "was a great guy."

7. I want to buy this purse and I can't afford it. My shopping-addicted little mind is telling me "if I just buy this one purse, I will never ever want another handbag ever again ever ever." The rest of me is saying "oh please."


frum single female said...

shadchanim and children say the darndest things , don't they? except id rather listen to a child's faux pas anyday. perhaps its ok for a shadchan to ask you if you are interested in a 59 yr old guy, but to not get why you "might" say no is another thing.

Nice Jewish Guy said...

There's a reason I like to compare shadchanim to real estate brokers. You tell them you want a four-bedroom, two-bath with a dining room, and they're showing you 3BRs/1.5BAs, 5BRs 1BA, 4BRs with no DR, homes out of your price range, homes that need too much work, etc. It only wastes everyones time.

Was this a "professional" shadchan, or a friend who just likes setting people up?

hesh said...

Looking into my crystal ball I am sensing some anger!!!