Sunday, March 23, 2008

Remakes I'd Like to Hear

Wow. Have a listen to this 1992 version of Suicide is Painless. Talk about turning a sacharine, seventies television theme into an edgy, angsty, current anthem. (Parenthetically, I heard the Marilyn Manson remake of this song a few years ago and got totally creeped out.)

Then there's this version of Burning Down the House by Tom Jones (yes!) and Nina Persson of The Cardigans. Granted, I love love love love love the 1983 original by the Talking Heads, and frankly, Tom Jones can still very much cut it....67 years old and I still wanna throw my panties at him (the under-thirty crowd will totally not understand that comment), and Nina Persson has one of the truest collaborative voices I've ever heard....listen to this unbelievably good duet with the Manic Street Preachers if you're not convinced of that. So this remake pretty much has everything going for it. But in my wildest dreams, I would not have imagined Tom Jones and Nina Persson being able to carry off Burning Down the House with any sort of success. It would have struck me as surreal. And indeed, the song and the video are a little surreal. Those silver body suits must have been really hot to dance in.

These two excellent remakes got me fantasizing...if I could have my way and have any musicians/singer/artists remake any songs I like, whom would I have singing what? Hmmm. Here's my shortlist:

  • David Bowie remaking The Carpenters' On Top of the World
  • Bob Dylan remaking The Wallflowers One Headlight
  • In that same spirit, John Lennon remaking Julian Lennon's Valotte
  • Sheryl Crow remaking Vicki Lawrence's The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
  • Bare Naked Ladies remaking Don McLean's American Pie
  • Meatloaf remaking David Bowie's Life on Mars
  • Elton John remaking Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing
  • Ok Go remaking Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville
  • The Pretenders remaking Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes
  • Simon and Garfunkel remaking any Abba song
  • Sting remaking Weezer's Island in the Sun
  • Weezer remaking Rick Springfield's Jesse's Girl
  • Evan & Jaron remaking Squeeze's Annie Get Your Gun
  • The Knack remaking Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Manic Street Preachers remaking The Police's Every Breath You Take
  • Vonda Shepherd remaking Olivia Newton John's Have You Ever Been Mellow
  • Coldplay remaking Don Henley's Boys of Summer
  • The Cardigans remaking Blondie's Heart of Glass
  • Blondie remaking The Cardigan's Lovefool
  • Dave Matthews remaking Springsteen's Hungry Heart
  • The Black Crows remaking Journey's Faithfully
  • Yael Naim remaking Sheryl Crow's Strong Enough
  • Sting remaking Stevie Wonder's Chemical Love
  • Tom Petty remaking Leon Redbone's Come and Get Your Love

Well, since the chances of David Bowie and Sheryl Crow reading my blog are about the same as John Lennon reading my blog, it's unlikely that any of my fantasy remake requests will ever happen. But it would be sorta interesting, yes?

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Rick the Rabbit said...

Bob Marley remaking Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young," but as reggae, mon.

Madonna remaking Helen Reddy's "I am Woman Hear Me Roar"

Damn those would be excellent