Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Loving loving loving the Internet

I had to run out to the drugstore tonight; I ran out of conditioner, and my hair was completely outta control. Walgreen's is 8 minutes from my house. I usually walk there, but I jumped into my car to catch it before it closed, and I left my Ipod at home. I scanned around on the car radio. I found a weird new station, 101.9 RXP, and I heard about 30 seconds of a song they were playing before I pulled into the Walgreen's parking lot. But those 30 seconds were enough to know that I would love the song. The line that I caught was "You've had too much to think, now you need a wife."

So, I got home, Googled that line (in quotes) and found the song on the first hit: "Steady as She Goes" by the Raconteurs. I logged into Itunes, bought the song for a buck, threw it on the Ipod, and it was playing in my bedroom a minute later.

Time elapsed from hearing the song: 20 minutes-ish.

The joy of Life Online. What an age.

(and yes, it's a great song.)


abandoning eden said...

i have a great mashup of that song with that song "Crazy" called "crazy as she goes" :)

WebGirl said...

AE, send it on down, girlfriend.