Thursday, March 13, 2008

Julian and Jakob

YouTube is a fabulous website. I know I'm not telling you anything new. YouTube enables me to have myself a good wallow in nostalgia, even nostalgia that I never actually experienced. Watching old videos of Abba singing "Dancing Queen" and Rick Springfield singing "Jesse's Girl" is just so much fun. And it's all free. And (though you might question the ethics of it, I don't, really) downloadable if you know how to mess with the code. It gives me the chance to watch pop culture icons that I admire (and those that I don't) up close. There's nothing on tv anymore, but YouTube always gives me a smile.

In the late eighties, I was a fan of Julian Lennon. Yes, I thought it was cool that he was John's kid, but I also felt that, unlike Sean, he was immensely talented. He gave a great live performance and his voice was solid and true, and eerily, like the father that he barely knew.

In the nineties, I got into The WallFlowers. Again, I thought it was great that Jakob Dylan was carrying on Bob's legacy, but he was so much more than that. He too was a talented singer/songwriter in his own right. Jakob has the physical magnetism and intensity that his dad possessed when he was younger, and while his voice is his own, I hear that Dylan twang back, deep, in the undertones.

Julian Lennon and Jakob Dylan have what it takes to cut it on their own, but they have both been indeliby stamped with their fathers' genetic gifts. Lucky bastards.

Take a look at this wonderful semi-accoustic version of "One Headlight." Beautiful. It's Bob Dylan, but it's definitely not Bob Dylan. It's really, really good.

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