Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I Like Obama and Will Never Vote for Him

I want to vote for Barak Obama. I really do. After all, he's cute, young, enthusiastic, and charismatic. He's well spoken. He's got a wonderful vocabulary (or at least, his speechwriters do) and he says marvelous, poetic, inspiring things. And wouldn't it be good to have a black president? I mean, wouldn't that show how great this country really is and how far we've come away from racism and slavery?

I voted for Clinton twice. I also voted for Bush version 2 twice. I still like former President Clinton, though at this point, I am more aware of what a flaming narcissist he is, and I still like President Bush, despite the fact that no one else does. As you can see, I don't vote party lines and I don't vote for the most popular candidate. I vote for whom I think is the best person for the job. And that's not Obama.

On foreign policy, he doesn't seem to believe in the threat of Islamic terrorism, he doesn't seem to be too serious about the war, seems to be sympathetic to the Palestinians, and has shown ridiculous, unfounded confidence in, God help us, the United Nations.

Domestically, he seems to like open borders, will tax me and corporations to death, doesn't support free trade, and seems to propose government programs for every single problem. He seems to like big, no, gargantuan government.

Notice how many times I said "seem" in the previous two paragraphs? Oh yeah, he has no real substantive record or experience.

Sorry Barack. Not gonna happen.


Henry Morris said...

Whew! I'm starting to like your page!!! Let me start with the face that you said you voted for both Clinton and Bush?!?!?!? Now I understand not wanting to vote on party lines... but someone really has to explain to me the reasoning in that! I just don't understand???

And also your comment that says "he doesn't seem to believe in the threat of Islamic terrorism". K - hmmm... I have serious problems with the phrase Islamic Terrorist. Because Timothy McVeigh is definitely not called a Christian Extremist... So why would we tag Islam to terrorism (a little thing I like to call religious privilege!) Make me think of the term "Black Bitch". Like being black is synonymous with being a bitch.

And if by gargantuan you mean effective... then go Obama!!!

Thanx for the convo!!

WebGirl said...

Well, look who Clinton's opponents were! No way I was going to vote for Bush Senior, who was not a good president, or for Bob Dole. Now look who Bush Junior ran against: Al Gore...can you imagine going through 9/11 with Al Gore at the helm? And John Kerry was laughable. So yeah, that's how I voted. Also, at the time, I was learning a lot more about world history and politics and slowly veering towards the right, away from the Democratic party as my principles became more and more Conservative.

Today, I still maintain that I would vote for the best candidate. I recently became a Republican, but if the Democrats put up a good candidate, I would vote for him/her.

Timothy McVeigh was insane. Period. Wackadoodle. Also, there is currently no movement to kill Americans for Jesus. If the Crusaders were around today, I would call them Christian Extremists.

"Black B_tch" is just disgusting.

Why are they called Islamic terrorists? Because their impetus to kill is wound up in their religious beliefs. And because it's a movement, not an isolated nutter or two. Because there are enormous groups of people who are Moslem who believe that Allah hates Jews and Allah hates America and they believe that it is the morally correct thing to do to destroy Jews and Americans. Their morality is bound up in their religion and their religion is telling them to kill.

That doesn't mean all Moslems are murderers and that doesn't mean all Moslems hate Jews and hate America.

By gargantuan, I mean that he wants the government to be in complete and utter control of our lives. That disenfranchises the individual. To me, that is taking away my liberty, not increasing it.

Welcome to the blog, Henry. Hope you will stay awhile!