Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update on the Frumster Guy I Wrote to

At the end of a previous post, I mentioned that I made initial contact with a guy on Frumster, which is something I don't normally do. He is also someone whom I wouldn't normally pursue. But I need to shake things up a little.

So here's the update on the guy, let's call him, I dunno, Danny. We messaged on Frumster back and forth. I started off saying hi and then opened with a question or two. He responded with precise, factual, one sentence answers to my questions and countered with related questions. I responded with lighthearted, trying-to-be-funny answers to his questions. He responded with a compliment on my writing, and then more questions. Most of these were those dating, Jewish-geo interview kind of questions that I love so much. And so it went on, with him giving short, exact, crisp responses to me and then asking some more wooden questions, and me trying to be light, girly, fluffy, and amusing and trying to move on to some actual conversation. Apparently, I failed {banging head against the wall}. So, after four or so rounds of this, I just gave up. I didn't respond to his latest message. I had enough. I need a man who knows how to talk to a woman. I'll take one large order of charm and personality, please. Heck, supersize me.

So Danny waits a day or two and messages me again and said, hey are you okay, haven't heard from you. So I responded and said, look, I like you but I just can't keep doing the q and a thing anymore (I said it more nicely than that). So he asked for my phone number and I took a deep gulp of air and gave it to him.

That was last night. We shall see, I guess.



A said...

There are some people that simply can't convey their personalities via the written word. They're so self-conscious that they write something, study it, delete, try again, it's a painful process for them. But in person it's totally different. Good luck! I hope he turns out to be a wonderful surprise.

~ Sarah ~ said...

i've given up on that site.
being far away from america, the q and a thing goes on for too long before i can get to the states to actually meet them and that's been a total disappointment so far!

but good luck! i hope it works for you :)